My art practice is based in photography. I received a degree from Chelsea College of Arts. I have exhibited work at the Serpentine Gallery, the Parasol Unit and the Catlin Prize. I was born and live in London.

I often make assemblages with small dyed resin casts to photograph at large scale. The photographs are large, glossy and bright. The change in size and colour can make the photographs disorientating to look at.

For the last few years I have made photographs with a room sized, self-built, high definition camera that records the subject up to 4 times bigger than life size directly onto large sheets of photographic paper. I made this Macro Obscura because the amount of light it records and detail it reveals, creates a rich and luminous image surface that would not be possible with normal cameras.

‘Mess Package’ (the title of my new work). It is a term used to describe messy chaotic artworks made by children in therapy. Created from different materials and many colours, elements are forced together by the child in a rough and disruptive way. Sometimes so disruptively that the child breaks items in the room

I alter scale in my photographs, often making small things big. By changing scale, unnoticed details and forms are revealed and the ordinary becomes unfamiliar. I think about scale the same way Richard Matheson does in his novel The Shrinking Man (1956). In which a man slowly shrinks in size from big to small, making him question his power and masculinity. Changed in size he experiences the world as a dangerous and lonely place, before becoming so small he disappears into an ethereal microscopic realm.

Recently I have been experimenting with 3D scanning technology. Scanning plasticine models, my body, jelly sweets and small plants. I have been inserting the scans into animations creating digital assemblages with sound and movement. In addition I have been making sculptures by printing the scans much larger than life size and casting them in resin. For me a cast of an object is analogous to a photograph of an object.  It would be interesting to see how photography can be created alongside sculpture and animation.