Jon Baker's new series ‘Mess Package’ is named after a term used in childrens’ Art Therapy. It describes artworks made from many different materials and colours, forced together by the child in a chaotic and messy way. Therapists interpret these artworks as implying desire for power and autonomy.

The scale of the works’ enlarged subjects feels out of control and disorientating.  A green flesh like substance curls downwards from a hanging wire held in place by deep purple tooth harps, the structure ends in a bulbous nest protecting what appears to be a brain like figure. In another work a single column of vibrantly blue Bears or maybe Owls with cute anthropomorphic features hang downwards covered in a purple flesh like substance. The background appears as a burning yellow sunset.

  1. The “Mess Packages” are a group of photographs experimenting with materials, colour and scale. They consist of resin cast objects that are a mix of the everyday such as dental equipment and childrens toys alongside organic structures like plants and meat.
  2. The photographs are made with a high definition room-sized camera obscura, exposing a large sheet of photographic paper making a singular high definition image.
  3. Jon uses a collected archive of digital and analog photographs to motivate the making of his work. The “Mess Package” series is influenced by photographs of goose barnacles attached to man made objects alongside diagrams representing how social class is structured and organized.
  4. The work reveals a number of interests that include; The succulent lithops, limb osseointegration, Art therapy, X-rays, Fertility images, Obsolete medical drawings and theories, Pornography from the 1980s, Courtship display and animal markings, Bodybuilding, Wildlife photographs of frogs, spiders, Wasp swarms and hanging chrysalisis.