In Jon Baker’s latest work he uses a camera obscura to document how the male body transforms or marks the surface of organic objects.

The obscura magnifies and records its subject greater than life size (Macrobscura), creating grainless colour photographs that appear to leave a trace of the subject on the surface of the image. 

Jon attempts to use these qualities to bring a disruption to our understanding of subject and image, revealing a contradictory record of the male body that can be both abject and magnificent.


Piss,Plants, Plastic,  2018

Magic Control,  2017

Catlin Art Prize Finalist 2015


Photofusion, Solo show, February 2015

Inclusion in Catlin Guide 2015

Art for youth 2014

Saatchi Sensations, 2014

Exposure 14 Award, Parasol unit, 2014

Final show at Chelsea College 2014