Jon Baker
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Jon Baker sleeps in a large camera of his own making.

“In photography there is a machine you have to attach yourself and through which you must express yourself.There is a moment where you cannot see what you are doing and the machines take control, tense, excitement, wait, breathe and the art appears.”

Jon captures the image within his camera on sheets of photographic paper a few meters wide.

“Discovering these huge images projected in the dark onto the back wall of the camera is shocking, they run across the walls, everything is larger than life and staring down at you, its like stumbling across paintings made on the walls of caves. Ancient people would have seen images projected through cracks and I think they would have been terrified! ”

Within Jons imagery he often sees plants, insects and animals as symbolizing the human body.

“When you see an object in unnatural detail and scale like butterfly eyes the size of eggs, plant hairs as thick as your tongue and fingerprint whorls bigger than tree trunk rings. I am experiencing something impossible and it's incredibly thrilling..”

“I'm a very privileged voyeur.”



The Idealist and the Contrarian Serpentine Cinema 2019

Piss,Plants, Plastic,  2018

Magic Control,  2017

Catlin Art Prize Finalist 2015


Photofusion, Solo show, February 2015

Inclusion in Catlin Guide 2015

Art for youth 2014

Saatchi Sensations, 2014

Exposure 14 Award, Parasol unit, 2014

Final show at Chelsea College 2014